Supportive Housing Communities (SHC) is a leader in Charlotte for ending homelessness among the most vulnerable members in our community, with a 97% success rate of keeping our formerly homeless residents in stable housing. SHC takes pride in the staff we hire to work with our residents.

PATH Veteran Position

Eligibility Requirements

PATH Program Requirements:

  • The PATH Veteran will work only with individuals who have served in the military (the individual is not required to have received an Honorable Discharge from the military) with documentation verifying this service,


  • Living in outside locations (priority is given to those meeting the definition for Chronically Homeless),


  • Diagnosed with a mental health or co-occurring mental health/substance use disorder,


  • Are not receiving/connected to an agency providing mental health or co-occurring treatment (individual may be receiving services from Veteran services except mental health or co-occurring treatment)

This position will not provide services to individuals who have a substance use disorder only.

The PATH Veteran is required to work closely with the Veterans Service Office, NCServes, and any agency providing services or supports to individuals who have served in the military to coordinate services for individuals enrolled in PATH.

PATH Veteran Position Staff Requirements

 The Veteran PATH Position is to be filled by an individual meeting:

  • 10A NCAC 27G .0104 Staff Definition for a Qualified Mental Health Professional QMHP), Associate Mental Health Professional (AMHP) or Paraprofessional


NC Certified Peer Support Specialist – Veteran Service Member or Military Service Member Designation (individual is not required to be certified upon hiring)


  • Must have served in the military providing a copy of DD 214 form or Military ID verifying service,


  • Must have experienced homelessness preferably, living outside

Individuals with QP, AP or Paraprofessional status must provide documentation demonstrating having a minimum of one-year full-time accumulated experience with the individuals who have served in the military.

NC Certified Peer Support Specialist Veteran Service Member or Military Service Member Designation requirements (

  • minimum of one year demonstrated continuous and current recovery from a significant mental health or co-occurring disorder (2 references verifying the individual’s demonstrated recovery)
  • have high school diploma or copy of GED Certification
  • completed 20 hours of training that will help the peer specialist understand the job and be successful with peers.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to