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I was staying at the shelter.  Uptown at the shelter, I stayed there about a year.  And then, my case worker brought me over here [to McCreesh Place]. Told me, "Come over here. Just take a look at it." So we came, I got the tour, and I liked it.  The people here are friendly. You don’t hear a lot of noise.  It's alright.

You see, I did drugs.  A lot of them, but the thing of it is, you can’t get off it.  Not if you’re not ready.  If you’re not ready, it’s just not going to work. You gotta be ready, you know, in your mind.  I just decided I wanted to quit.  I was tired of doing drugs.  I’ve been clean a year and almost six months.  If I go back out there and start again, I’ll end up dead somewhere.  This is the first time I really wanted to quit.

You know, my life is going along pretty good from here, and I like that. I don’t worry no more about being broke.  And I don’t worry about, you know, I’m gonna go out and get high.  That ain’t happening. I’m not doing no more drugs. I’m done with it.

I’m not here only because of my addiction though.  I am also schizophrenic. It don’t bother me unless I’m off my medication, but now I take my medication every day.  I know when I’m getting ready to get sick, ‘cause I can feel it.  And I do something about it before it gets out of hand.  I get sick and I’ll be like that for six or seven months.  It don’t go away the next day.  How can I put it? It’s like being someone else, other than yourself.  Cause you’re just gone.  You’re just out there.  The voices will bother you.  Everything.  You just get paranoid.  Stop eating.  I mean, it’s a lot.  It’s a hard, hard thing to deal with.

My family tries to help me. The biggest thing they’re happy about is I quit.  Everybody’s happy about that.  I thank God every day for helping me. To let me know that I’m doing the right thing.  Yeah, I pray a lot. 



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