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Baldwin Skinner

Almost 6 years to the day that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Baldwin Skinner is going home.

Just yesterday, Baldwin took a cab to the bus station with three big suitcases holding everything he’s collected since arriving from the Charlotte Coliseum in September 2005, with nothing more than the clothes he was wearing. Though neither of them knew it at the time, his path crossed then and now with St. Peter’s Homes' Executive Director, Pamela Jefsen, who managed the Coliseum Shelter in her role as CEO of the local Red Cross.

Now, Baldwin is returning to live with his mother, who he was recently able to visit for the first time since Hurricane Katrina separated them. “She’s had a stroke, and she needs me. She really needs me.” After spending over 6 weeks together this summer, Baldwin decided it’s finally time to go home to New Orleans to stay.  “I really thank God for this place,” says Baldwin, “I really do.”

He’s shown his deep gratitude all along as the most constant resident caretaker of the property at McCreesh Place, and his huge heart will be very missed. Please join us in wishing him a wonderful homecoming!


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