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Rochelle and Her Family are Looking Ahead…

“This is a good program to be in. At first I didn't want to be in it, but I needed the help. I am getting the help I need, and I am opening up.”

Rochelle needed help. Rochelle and her 4 children, ages 17, 16, 11 and 9, were in a shelter program for a year and a half, due to her bipolar disorder and her corresponding trouble holding down a regular job. Rochelle got the help she needed through SHC.

“When I need something, my case manager is there for me. He always makes sure my family has everything we need. It's hard to make my medication management appointments or pay my rent on time without SHC.”

Rochelle is proud that she now has a full-time job at White Oak Manor as a dietary aid, helping to feed the residents at the senior center. Having a good job has Rochelle looking ahead. "I would like to have a car and own a home in the future."

Her two oldest children are looking ahead also. Her oldest son, a junior at West Charlotte High School, is in the JROTC program and intends to join the National Guard after high school. Her oldest daughter, a sophomore at West Charlotte High School, wants to continue playing basketball at school and then has plans to go to college for nursing.

In the meantime, Rochelle and her children will be moving from an apartment to a rental home, which is more private and has a large outdoor area for the children. With Rochelle's birthday coming up, she states, “This will be my birthday present for myself and for my children.”


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