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Rudy’s Story

Rudolph, affectionately known as “Rudy”, has been living at McCreesh Place for 3 1/2 years now and is looking forward to moving into his own apartment in First Ward this week.  “It was important for me to focus on what I needed to do, without worry about any distractions or things that may deter me from my goals.  Now I see that with patience and sacrifice, it has paid off,” says Rudy.  He acknowledges that SHC has assisted him with overcoming some challenges, including getting his driver’s license again. Rudy is looking forward to moving into his own bigger apartment so that his children and grandchildren have a place to sleep when they visit. 

Rudy grew up in Bluffton, South Carolina – not far from Hilton Head.  One of six children, he grew up in a close-knit family.  He attended college for two years, got married and traveled often with his wife – who was in the military.  After fifteen years, he and his wife divorced; and he admits that his life began to spiral from there.  He became addicted to cocaine, which cost him his job, home, cars and a loss of one job after the next.  After spending some time in jail, Rudy went through a vocational rehabilitation program before being housed at the Salvation Army.  He then went through the SABER (Substance Abuse and Education Recovery) program for nine months at Urban Ministry Center.  He was offered an apartment at McCreesh Place a day after his graduation from SABER.

He admits that he thought of McCreesh Place as an “old folks home” when he initially came for a visit, but he knew that he wanted to be in a supportive environment that would prevent him from relapsing again.  “During my addiction, I lost a lot – including my driver’s license.  I felt so ashamed – to the point that I didn’t want my family to be around me; but I’ve always wanted my children and grandchildren to be proud of me,” says Rudy.

Rudy shares that the Support Services case management team, other SHC staff, his church – New Life Fellowship Church and his sister – who is a social worker – have been a huge part of his success.  He also attributes his blessings to being an active tithing participant with his church.  “You never know what your blessings are going to look like or where they are going to come.”



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