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Sonia Chambers

I was a victim of an abusive relationship – verbally, mentally and physically.

I was dressing up for work, making myself pretty every day.  My abuser was careful not to leave visible scars, but the scars inside were still there.  I’m still trying to heal from those inner scars.

It left me homeless for 7 years, because I decided to leave everything but the clothes on back. I slept under a bridge. Stayed in a dark hole - dealing with the demons, the addictions, the mental illnesses - trying to survive. I thought often about my mother’s murder by an abuser and had to deal with the Post-traumatic syndrome from that.

I was about to give up, until Valerie Floyd – my case worker -reached out to me and told me about the Scattered Housing Program.  Supportive Housing Communities helped me to get stabilized on my medication and keeping necessary appointments like doctors visits and access to therapy. Where I didn’t see any light before, I was now able to see the light and possibilities of my life.

Where I slept under the bridge before, I am now walking over the bridge.

I’m Sonia Chambers, and I now have a place to live again.



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