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Willie…. moving on up!

Shortly after Willie completed the Relapse Prevention course provided by SHC, he received word from the Charlotte Housing Authority that a studio apartment was available for him to rent.  He had less than a week to take possession of the apartment.  Because he was renting a furnished apartment here at McCreesh Place, Willie had no furniture to move into his new apartment.  This coupled with the short time period in which to move, caused Willie a great deal of stress as he tried to grasp  the logistics involved in moving to a new apartment across town.  During the Relapse Prevention course, Willie had identified stress as one of the main triggers that contributed to his relapses in the past.  Willie was able to use the skills he learned in the course to handle the stress of moving and followed his plan to address stress in a healthy manner.  Willie kept in regular contact with Support Services staff to talk about the stress he was experiencing.  The move was successful, and Willie was able to handle a very stressful situation without moving in the direction of a relapse.


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