Response to COVID-19: Letter from the CEO on March 18

Hello Community Partners and Other Affordable Housing Allies:

For those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, let me introduce myself. My name is Sherrill Hampton and I recently became the new CEO of Supportive Housing Communities (SHC). What unprecedented times we are living in and what a time to be on my second day of the job! Nevertheless, I am excited to serve with the SHC team to provide permanent supportive housing to our neighbors in need. Thank you for your patience as the Board of Directors, Senior Team, and I work to craft a plan of action for operations during this national emergency. 

As you are aware, last Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) an official pandemic; and on Friday, the President of the United States declared a National Emergency. In response to this crisis, we at Supportive Housing Communities are taking every precaution to promote the continued health of our residents and staff as well as the public. Since you are a valued member of this community, we wanted to share with you our ongoing plans for maintaining the highest level of service to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Operating During the Pandemic

During this pandemic occurrence, SHC will close for onsite business at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, and will resume onsite services on Monday, April 6, 2020. During this period, all staff will be available by email and/or cell phone.

While no one is yet immune to the effects of COVID-19, few are as vulnerable as the men, women, and children we serve. Most of our residents were homeless for more than a year before joining our community. And, with few exceptions, all of our residents are living with one or more disabling conditions. These conditions include physical disabilities that make it hard to get to the hospital. Many also have chronic illnesses that compromise their immune systems. Furthermore, most of the single individuals we serve lack health insurance. Acknowledging the vulnerability of all of our residents, we are doing everything we can to ensure that they remain not only in stable housing but also healthy and safe.

For example, staff working remotely will be in contact regularly with all residents to conduct wellness checks, manage needs assessments, and provide prevention education. Last week, the SHC team made sure that our residents had everything they needed (food, medications, cleaning supplies, etc.) to follow the new rules of “social distancing” and in the event of a mandatory quarantine. 

Our residents at McCreesh Place are perhaps the most vulnerable of all. This close-knit recovery community normally draws many volunteers every month. To keep McCreesh Place a safe home, we decided to close the community room and to cancel all tours and volunteer activities for the foreseeable future. In the event that one of our residents does become symptomatic, we will work with the Mecklenburg County Health Department and other local health providers to provide a safe and supportive quarantine unit until it is clearly safe for that resident to return to their community.

While we are all working hard to ensure the safety of our residents, the Board of Directors and I are also mindful of the importance of protecting our staff and promoting public health. All staff will receive updated information and resources for themselves and their families. SHC will remain in regular dialogue with State, County, and City officials, public health agencies, and all other applicable community groups as we reassess operational protocols during this period.

How You Can Help

Many of you have asked, “How can I help?”  See below:

  1. SHC is still able to receive non-perishable donations through our Amazon Wish List. You can donate through our wish list and send your gift to the following office address:

    Supportive Housing Communities
    601 E. Fifth Street, Suite 255
    Charlotte, NC 28202

  2. Food deliveries to McCreesh place are to be individually packaged and require 24 hours’ notice to coordinate distribution efforts with our volunteer resident leaders. For donations of food or other items, please contact Linda Miller at

  3. Donors making monetary contributions are encouraged to do so here on our website.

Supportive Housing Communities is grateful for your ongoing partnership, support, and contributions. We will continue to do our very best to provide an excellent experience for our residents and other customers.

Stay safe!

Sherrill Hampton
Chief Executive Officer
Supportive Housing Communities
601 E. Fifth Street, Suite 255
Charlotte, NC, 28202