Adopt A Home

November 2020

What is Adopt A Home?

Supportive Housing Communities is hosting our Adopt A Home fundraising campaign for McCreesh Place residents and other program participants who have little or no income. While our residents receive rental subsidies to help pay for their housing, these funds don’t cover all rent or living expenses. Almost all of our residents have entered SHC programs from homelessness and have no regular income, which means that a monetary donation to our Adopt A Home campaign can help to pay for food, household goods and baby items, as well as their portion of the rent.

When is Adopt A Home?

In conjunction with National Homelessness Awareness Month, Supportive Housing Communities is extending the Adopt A Home campaign through the month of November and into the holiday season.

Who does Adopt A Home benefit?

The Adopt A Home campaign benefits the residents at Supportive Housing Communities properties, including McCreesh Place, St. John’s Place and in privately-owned apartments throughout Mecklenburg County (“Scattered Sites”).  It will also benefit the homeless living on the street and participating in our PATH program. All of our residents or clients are at 30% or below the County Area Median Income (AMI), which equals an annual income of $17,550 for a household of one or $25,050 for a family of four.  Almost all of our residents make well below these amounts. 

What can I donate for Adopt A Home?

Financial contributions for the Adopt A Home campaign can be submitted online. Donors can choose to contribute a one-time financial gift or an ongoing monthly gift. In any case, the funds will go directly to the Adopt A Home campaign:

$100 – This donation amount will pay the minimum rent/utilities for residents living at McCreesh Place who have no or very little income.

$300 – This donation amount will pay for, in addition to the required minimum rent/utilities, $200 for food stipends and/or the purchase of other typically needed household items.

$500 – This donation amount will defray the expenses listed above, as well as help SHC to pay for bus passes, rental application fees, security deposits, housing inspections expenses and other costs not paid for by grants.


Click Here to make a financial contribution.