Father Eugene McCreesh

In 1989, Father Eugene McCreesh, from St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Charlotte, began an organization to provide affordable housing for people living on city streets or for those about to be evicted from their homes. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church eventually teamed up with St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and the organization became known as St. Peter’s Homes, Inc.

McCreesh Place

McCreesh Place, a 67-unit apartment building, was built in 2003 for single men in a recovery-based model of housing. McCreesh Place was Charlotte’s first permanent supportive housing community. We expanded the building with 27 efficiency apartments in 2011. Along with the positive growth and change, St. Peter’s Homes, Inc. changed its name to Supportive Housing Communities to better reflect its mission and service to the Charlotte community the following year. Then in 2016, in response to community need, a wing was opened for formerly homeless women.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) then prioritized the Housing First approach, which connects homeless people to housing without condition, SHC responded by implementing the Housing First model as we expanded our program into Scattered Site Housing. We currently serve residents in about 75 apartments throughout Charlotte. Residents receive the same housing and support services, but case managers visit them in their homes to ensure they remain housed and to work on their growth plans.

Rapid Rehousing

In 2015, SHC began piloting a cutting-edge approach with a Rapid Rehousing program for chronically homeless people. When residents can become self-sufficient, it is a less expensive option.


This method ensures success while keeping an eye on cost savings, allowing us to serve more people.


In 2017, SHC was selected to operate our community’s Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program. PATH focuses on providing street outreach to adults living in outside locations such as streets, camps, wooded areas, etc. If eligible, case managers then connect them with community mental health services and assist with obtaining permanent housing.


Also, In July 2017, SHC expanded our program even more by purchasing St. Johns Place, a 32-unit apartment building which will create additional affordable apartments designated for chronically homeless individuals and families living with disabilities.