McCreesh Place


McCreesh Place opened in 2003 and is Charlotte’s first permanent supportive housing complex. Located in the Villa Heights community, McCreesh Place has 64-Single Room Occupancy units with communal bathrooms and kitchens and 26 one-bedroom units to house the chronically homeless in active recovery from addiction. Case managers provide supportive services to help the residents achieve self-determined personal goals related to finances, relationships, employment, recovery, and health. Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), a best practice model, is a cost-effective, evidence-based solution to the problem of chronic homelessness. Specifically, individuals who enrolled in a PSH were less likely to return to homelessness within two years, compared to exits to permanent housing from other programs such as street outreach or emergency shelters. All residents at McCreesh Place fall between low-to-moderate income or have no income at all and heavily rely on social services.

Success Story

As the caregiver of an ailing family member and also experiencing some personal health issues, Michelle struggled to keep a job and fought for over a year to keep her family housed. Unfortunately, the house she was living in fell into foreclosure, and her family became homeless. Michelle and her son bounced back and forth between shelter and the street for a year and a half. By working with a Case Manager, Michelle eventually found permanent housing at McCreesh Place and is in the process of also helping get her son housed.  Read more stories from other SHC clients.