Rapid Rehousing Program


The Rapid Rehousing Program, which was established in 2015 as part of the Scattered Sites Program, places individuals and families in privately-owned rental units throughout the Mecklenburg County. The supportive services in this program are designed to transition residents to self-sufficiency within two years.

Behind The Mission

Chellnise Allen has been with SHC for just over a year, but she has committed to developing authentic relationships with her clients.” In her work as a Case Manager for Scattered Sites and St. John’s Place, her day-to-day varies. One day, she may be sourcing food referrals for a client. The next day, she may be helping clients apply for Medicaid or helping them pay a utility bill. While her role requires her to make visits across Charlotte, Chellnise sees it as an opportunity to get to know Charlotte a little better.


One of the most challenging aspects of the role for Chellnise is accepting that she cannot change the world for her clients overnight. “I can’t take away those traumatic experiences they’ve had,” she says. “It’s hard to accept that I can only do so much.” But, one of the most motivating elements of her work is when her clients reach out to her for guidance. “Seeing all that my clients have gone through – and yet they’re still here – that’s a strength,” she says. “That determination is what really inspires me.”