A Month of Appreciation and Successes

Board of Directors: Welcome Our Newest Members

Supportive Housing Communities welcomes Amanda Glowacki, Amanda Kate Home and Ryan Borg, Ally Financial to our Board of Directors. Amanda brings her expertise on housing and real estate in the Charlotte area and her business management skills to SHC. Ryan brings with him his knowledge of finance and his passion for affordable housing. We are so fortunate to have them both help lead SHC during the time that permanent supportive housing is so very much needed.  Welcome Amanda and Ryan!

SHC and Encampment Site in Charlotte: A Story of Success

Charlotte’s Tent City has been in the news recently and there may be questions about what happened to the 200+ individuals living there until recently. We are thrilled to report that they are safely housed in warm hotel rooms until the end of June. This means access to all the basic necessities that many of us take for granted each day. Hopefully, this will serve as the starting point for a new life full of better opportunities. These are a few words from the SHC team member who helped lead this effort:

“I am truly grateful that SHC has been able to play a part in these efforts through our PATH team, and I believe that SHC will continue these collaborative efforts moving forward.”

Angela Dreher, Manager of Special Initiatives

McCreesh Place: A Story of Autonomy

The staff at McCreesh Place works tirelessly to provide supportive services to the formerly chronically homeless who have been homeless for at least a year and have a disabling condition. This vulnerable population needs our case managers’ support to coordinate their mental health, medications and medical services, among others. Our phenomenal staff helps clients navigate through their daily lives and to eliminate as many barriers as possible, from providing bus passes for transportation to at times attending their medical appointments.

McCreesh Place is a permanent supportive housing program, although occasionally some residents successfully transition out of the program or move back to a family support system. Quennetta Kirby Thomas, McCreesh Place Program Coordinator, recently told one of her success stories:  “I am proud that I have reconnected one particular individual back with his family and he was able to move back to his state and be connected with the services and support he needs to maintain his physical and mental health. I also am very proud to have successfully assisted two other former McCreesh Place residents in transitioning to a more independent living on their own. Each one of the residents continue to maintain contact with me on their independence.”

Scattered Sites Program: A Story of Hope

Donna was recently housed at St. Johns Place after periodically sleeping in her car, couch-surfing and staying at a shelter. Now with the stability of a permanent place to live, Donna is hopeful for a new day and a new life.

For more than a year, Jerry felt more comfortable sleeping in his car rather than staying in an overcrowded shelter.  Now that he has a stable home at St. Johns Place, he is focusing on the important things in his life–his health, his sobriety and his overall well-being.

Employment Program: A Story of Empowerment

Employment often plays an important role in enhancing a person’s self-esteem and self-worth.  A supportive employment program helps our formerly homeless and disabled residents find competitive employment in the community and also provides them with the support needed to ensure their success.  Through SHC’s Supportive Employment Program, we connect formerly homeless individuals with employment trainings and opportunities and provide the one-on-one support needed to empower them to be more autonomous over their circumstances. If you would like to empower our residents through employment opportunities and/or trainings, please contact Monica Lindsey, Supportive Employment Coordinator at monica@aplacetoliveagain.org.

Property Management Team: A Story of Coming Home

Even in the midst of a pandemic, SHC’s Property Management Team, along with the support of Housing Relief Ministries (HRM), has moved 12 formerly homeless individuals and families into their own safe and fully furnished homes.  For some, it is the first time they know where they will sleep each night. Without the constant and overwhelming stress of not knowing where to sleep, these individuals can begin to focus on making a better life for themselves and for their families.

Organizations like the HRM team, who donate needed furniture and household necessities and help move the individuals and families into their new homes, are instrumental in the success of SHC’s programs. Thank you HRM team! It is also corporations like Lowe’s Inc. who provided gift cards and a financial contribution to SHC that have allowed us to provide housing to people who have not had a stable home in years. Thank you Lowe’s Inc!

If you would like to help support the formerly homeless move into their new places to live, please see the requested household goods on our Amazon Wishlist.

Your Gifts: A Story of Impact

This past year has been challenging for all of us. Yet, because of our generous donors, SHC has been able to continue providing affordable housing and supportive services to those most in need.  A huge thank you to all for your continued support!  Since January 1, 2021, our donors have contributed over $76,000 to help those who have struggled with chronic homelessness. Thank you to the following donors:

Albemarle Foundation Greg Williams Mike Higgins
Alex Boyer Heather Drabenstadt Myers Park Baptist Church
Alex Orvos Humble Cup Coffee Co Nancy and Peter Covington
Alicia Morris-Rudd James and Claire Talley Phillip Whitesell
Ally Financial MGP Jan Barefoot Phoenix Fund
Anita Shaughnessy Jane Hoffmann Public Consulting Group
Ann Weber Jeff Parker Publix Super Markets Charities
Anonymous Jennifer and Zack Bridges Rachel Moreau
Bank of America Foundation MGP Jeremy Chrisawn Reagan Gilker
Barry and Nancy Metzger Jill and Fletcher Flynn Renee Thompson
Beth and Marshall Collins John Clark Robert Hammock
Brett Dupree and Maggie Will Josh Wheeler Robert Waegner
Brian Burden Katherine Nims Royce Wolfe and Donna Harris
Brianna Markle Kathryn Blanchard Rudolph and Natalie Brown
Britta Wakefield Mondi Kathy Martin Ryan and Shu Wei Baird
Campbell Wilson Kathy Pierre Ryan Stonebrook
Charlene Hamilton Kelly Clarke Shelia M McGrail and Richard H Berry
Clark Dean Kim and Fernando Perez Sol and Joyce Kaufman
Cookie Williams Kristen A Allan St. Peter Catholic Church
Crisis Ministry Louise L. Allred St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation Inc.
Crystal Long Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Stephanie Coulter
David and Alexis Lawrence Lynn Avampato Stephen Valder
David Lewis Mark and Ann Marie Miller Steven Guptill
Dorinda Smith Mark and Dawn Ryan Surassawadee Fry
Douglas Caldwell Mark and Kriston Feldpausch Thomas M Higgins, Jr.
Duke Energy Foundation MGP Mary Gibson Thomas Ponsonby
Ed and Sue Myrick Matt and Jenny Martella Timothy Bendel
Elizabeth and Nate Paynter Matthew and Suzanne Churchill Wells Fargo Community Cares Grants
Emily Costigan Melissa and Bruce Noll Walter Hunter
Emily Jones Melissa Reman Warren Henry
Eric and Paula Safranek Michael Ladd and Family Whitney Harrigan
Greg Miller Michael Marshall

MGP=Matching Gifts Program