Client Story: Peter at McCreesh Place

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – in moderation. At the age of 16, Peter knew something was different about him. He found beauty in the smallest details of life but at the same time, he found it hard to let go of things he found. As we speak, Peter draws my attention to a coffee cup. A plain white cup, no significance, but the turquoise sleeve saddled with Amelie’s insignia is what has caught his eye. “That’s a good example,” Peter said, “of the kind of thing that I’d have a hard time throwing away that other people think is trash. To me, that design is just really beautiful.”

Eight years ago, Peter walked through the doors of Supportive Housing Communities’ McCreesh Place and found beauty in an unexpected place. You see, Peter struggles with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and like many Americans, 2.3% in fact, he lacked the proper tools and resources to manage on his own. Because he lacked the proper assistance, Peter was in and out of apartments for years and eventually landed at a shelter.

At McCreesh Place, our neighbors like Peter receive support services and build relationships that foster confidence throughout their daily lives. “There are a lot of advantages to being here. They work to help me with my OCD”, says Peter. Without you, Peter may not receive the help he needs in order to manage his OCD. Would you partner with us and donate today? 

OCD does not define Peter. In fact, that same beauty he finds in the design on my coffee cup, he also finds in nature around him – especially sunrises and sunsets. Peter has photos of sunrises and sunsets almost every day since 1982. He stores his images on the computers at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, a perk of being a member for over 25 years.

Now more than ever, we are called upon to make a difference. The difference for our Charlotte neighbors begins with you. Because we know you care about your neighbors, we are asking you to make a gift today that will ensure vital services for our homeless neighbors continue. Your generosity will have an immediate impact! Can they count on you?

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