Behind The Mission: Querida Jones

Prior to becoming one of McCreesh Place’s Case Managers in January 2022, Querida Jones worked as an Administrative Operations Specialist with our Development Team. Querida was drawn to SHC primarily because of its mission – providing permanent support to those who need it.

On a typical day, Querida meets with neighbors for monthly check-ins. Whether the check-in is ten minutes or an hour and a half, Querida provides the same level of attention to each neighbor. She discusses their goals, follows up about any needs they may have, and ultimately ensures they have what they need. For residents with more complex conditions, she will meet with ACT teams to ensure everyone involved in their wellbeing is kept up to date.

Querida’s dedication to her neighbors comes from an innate desire to be of service. She finds fulfillment in a servant leadership role. She loves helping others. She brings compassion and positivity to her work. “…Everyone deserves a decent chance. No matter what life, trauma, or experience- whether it’s homelessness, maintaining sobriety, or mental health – we are all people. We all deserve a chance. We all need someone to help us.”

You can tell that Querida enjoys getting to know the neighbors of McCreesh Place. “When you hear about the back story of the residents, they have overcome so many obstacles, and they are still overcoming them. The support and encouragement that we provide for them are so important; to let them know that they can do it.”

In her role as a Case Manager, Querida has seen firsthand the importance of affordable housing in the community. “Many residents we have are on a fixed income. There are extensive waiting lists for many programs out there. The affordable housing market is slim. It’s not enough.”


She has also seen the impact that homelessness can have on an individual, and the social stigmas surrounding homelessness. “I wish people would let go of the assumption that it’s all their fault. Life can throw so many curveballs at you…divorce, out of work, injury, getting hurt on the job…and it has led to a spiral effect. Still not their fault. Coming across a lot of red tape with medical issues. It could be a bad break…We just don’t know that life can really throw curveballs that can really set us back. Some people can bounce back real quick, others need a little help.”

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