A Wonderful Cocktail Reception…

Thanks to everyone who attended SHC’s Cocktail Reception in the 46th Floor Vista Room of the Duke Energy Center!
SHC is thrilled to spend time with our Annual Sponsors, Luncheon Table Hosts, and Honored Guests!

And we are so lucky that this event had minimal cost to SHC, thanks to the following:
Securing Event Space: Leslie Clark, Cathy Roche
Food: Augusto Conte with The Conte Group (Luce Ristorante)
Wine/Beer: Marco Laico at Vino-Vino Estate Wines, Bob Bishop
Music: Harry Bell
Volunteers: James Baker, John and Lisa Bambach, Earl Christopher

We hope to see everyone at SHC’s 7th Annual “A Place to Live Again” Luncheon on March 7!