SHC Behind Our Eyes Series: Meet Mark

If you visit McCreesh Place, you are more than likely to encounter Mark in the community room sitting in front of a computer. As a former Army and civilian nurse who served our country for over 12 years, Mark helped care for patients in the postpartum unit and the emergency room. His deep interest in the medical field continues to this day and he can be found doing some form of research on the latest medical trends. Mark dedicated his life to serving others until one day he himself got sick and had to go on disability. By at that time, Mark did not have stable housing and a permanent address, so it became difficult for him to receive his disability check.

Mark’s disability checks eventually stopped and he ended up living a transient life in homeless shelters and on the street. He had been living on the street for a year before being referred to Supportive Housing Communities. Mark has lived at McCreesh Place ever since. When asked, Mark said his favorite part about living at McCreesh Place, was being contented and at peace knowing that he has a stable place to live.

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day this week, would you think about heroes like Mark and consider making a gift to SHC in their honor? Your support will help ensure that the Veterans we serve continue to have a place to call home.  


Photo Credit: John Bambach