A Place to Live Again

After staying in a shelter for some time, he realized it was not the best place for his recovery and received a referral to McCreesh Place. McCreesh Place was Peter’s home for over six years, where he was able to fully recover and get his life back on track. With the aid of SHC support services, he received counseling, learned how to manage his time, and obtained assistance in managing his medication. Peter says that he felt very encouraged by the staff at McCreesh Place and how they did not give up on him.

Today, one of Peter’s favorite past times is to enjoy the fresh air as he sits outside on his front porch. Peter’s story is just one of many testimonials of clients that SHC has helped.

You’re continued investment in your SHC neighbor’s transition from unhoused to housed is essential towards cultivating client victories like Peters. To read more stories from other SHC clients, visit https://supportivehousingcommunities.org/whats-new/ 

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