By no means has it been an easy road for Kenneth. Kenneth was found lying in the middle of the street –malnourished and struggling with addiction. Kenneth needed help!

According to Kenneth, he drank to live and lived to drink.

This fateful day was the beginning of a new road for Kenneth. This was the wake-up call he needed and the start of his sobriety, or as he likes to describe it, his spiritual journey.

Kenneth found shelter in the hospital and then another housing program before landing at Supportive Housing Communities’ McCreesh Place. His cousin, a retired social worker, pointed him towards it and he’s never looked back. “After I found sobriety, I just followed the path God put in front of me.”

Having a conversation with Kenneth feels like speaking with an old friend. Soft-spoken, gracious, and friendly, he is a pivotal resident at McCreesh Place. Kenneth is grateful for the staff and residents that he is able to share his days with, “they look out for us here”, he says. Leaving homelessness behind is a process – it doesn’t happen overnight, but Kenneth is determined to continue his sobriety and follow God’s path under the McCreesh Place roof.

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